Powerful VBScript editor

The award-winning VBScript editor that dramatically reduces the time you spend writing . VBS scripts. Features include Syntax coloring, Built-in debugger, Auto-capitalize and Auto-completion features (list object members, display parameters info, complete words), Dynamic help (If you press F1, help is provided for the word under the cursor), Code snippets, Tons of Samples scripts, Object browser, WMI classes browser, WMI code generator.



VbsEdit 5.4.8

User reviews about VbsEdit

  • jnimmo

    by jnimmo

    "Excellent VBS script editor which has saved me hours each script I write"

    Well worth purchasing this VBS editor if you need to do any sort of scripting work. I never knew debugging or auto-compl... More.

    reviewed on October 22, 2015